Take Home Meals

We make our meals from scratch in our Organic Kitchen located in Malvern. We only use the best, local & organic produce wherever we possibly can, and our meals are available in a variety or serving sizes.

Our Menu consists of a range of Casseroles, Curries, Grain-Free Risottos and Soups, and our recipes change with the seasons – just as our produce does.

Special Diets

We completely avoid gluten, dairy & sugar, and whilst we cater for Vegans & Vegetarians, we also produce a range of meals made with free range, high-welfare meats. We are abundantly aware of the growing demand for food prepared for individual needs, which is why we offer meals suited to those following protocols such as Keto, Dairy Free and Gluten Free.

Our Casseroles & Curries are available with 4 different Meal Bases, ensuring there are traditional, low-carb & gluten-free options to suit just about any body. Read more on our Meal Bases page.

Meals for One or for the whole family

All meals are supplied in 2 different sizes – 300g or 500g. Some say our 500g are suitable for 2 people, whilst others prefer this size for a main meal. So we offer the 300g size for those who don’t eat quite so much. Each meal is available with a base such as cauliflower rice or brown rice, or as a ‘sauce only’ option – this is an economical way to feed the family, or is suitable for those wanting to serve the sauce with a base we don’t offer, ie steamed vegetables or quinoa.

Sauce-Only options are available in 2 generous sizes – 700g (suitable for 2 or more people), and 1400g (suitable for 4 or more people). See these on our Family Portions page.

Fresh & Frozen Meals

We cook fresh meals every day with a variety of meals ready to grab & go from our Malvern Store. We also carry stock of frozen meals which many of our customers prefer for lifestyle reasons. Orders for home delivery will be filled from a combination of fresh & frozen meals, but if you prefer to receive only fresh meals, speak to our team about what we have available!

Sustainable Packaging

We proudly use compostable containers made from plant materials such as sugar cane, whilst our grocery products such as almond milk & paleo bread are packaged in glass & paper. We will even recycle our glass jars should you return them to us.