7 x 500g Vegan Meals


Pack of 7 large vegan meals (500g Meals)



Our Meal Packs include a selection of meals from our range of prepared meals range – this pack of 7 meals includes entirely vegan options with a variety of bases including rice and pasta. All meals in this pack are 500g, being a generous size which some people consider is larger enough to share between two!

*If you have special requests – ie no tofu, etc – please just add this comment on your order! And if you’re not sure if we can cater for your needs, send us an email.

We offer grain-free meal packs for those avoiding grains, as well as options for meat lovers. And our 300g Meal Packs are suitable for lunches, smaller eaters or those who are counting calories.

*All of our meals are free from dairy, sugar and gluten – with the exception of pasta. If you prefer to avoid gluten altogether, make a note in the comments with your order.


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