Immunity Tonic


Boost your immune system with this house-brewed tonic, available in 200ml and 750ml glass bottles.

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Fermented Foods are increasingly popular with the health conscious, as are natural probiotic drinks which are cultured and fermented to produce millions of good bacteria in a lightly carbonated beverage. The shelf life on these products runs into the months and recommended portion size is approximately 100ml per day or more once your body is used to it! Unlike some ‘living’ beverages on the market, ours are made from organic ingredients and are 100% pure, naturally carbonated (nothing artificial) and undiluted so it is important not to overdose! NB: Our Kombucha is living and may contain some of the ‘mother’ culture threads which can be strained to remove it if desired.

Our Immunity Kombucha is second fermented with chilli, garlic & honey to boost your immune system and help combat colds & flus. Much like gypsy tonic, this brew has a strong medicinal flavour.

Available in 200ml or 750ml glass bottles – which you can return to us in store for a 25c refund.

INGREDIENTS: filtered water, raw sugar, black tea, fresh chilli, fresh garlic, local honey.

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200ml, 750ml


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