Chicken Casserole – 4 base options 500g


This item is a 500g meal suitable for 1-2 people. Also available in 300g size, in assorted meal packs only. See our Family Portions page for larger servings.

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Our Chicken Casserole is low-FODMAP which means it does not contain onions or garlic or high-fructose ingredients, but is infused with the flavour of herbs & sumac. It’s served with either legume pasta (gluten free), brown rice, cauliflower rice or blanched broccoli (NB legume pasta and cauliflower voids the low fructose factor…).

The sauce is completely grain free, dairy free and gluten free.

If you are feeding the whole family, or if you prefer to prepare your own bases (ie quinoa, steamed vegetables, etc), you can choose the ‘Sauce Only’ options for 2-3 people (700g) or 4-6 people (1400g).  Rice / noodle meal bases are also available separately.  See our Family Portions page for these larger options.

INGREDIENTS: Chicken thigh fillets, Carrots, Wombok, Zucchini, Green capsicum, Filtered water, Olive oil, Sumac, Tamari sauce, Bay leaf, Oregano, Rosemary, Celtic Sea Salt

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Meal for 1 with brown rice, Meal for 1 with pasta, Meal for 1 with cauli rice, Meal for 1 with blanched broccoli


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