ACV Lemonade


Delicious, alkalising & thirst quenching. Available in 200ml and 750ml glass bottles.

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We wanted to create a refreshing, alkalising drink to satisfy all palates – young and old, and so we created ACV Lemonade! Made from apple cider vinegar (with the mother), monk fruit and inulin (probiotic fibre) to sweeten, and citrus oils for a zingy flavour, it has prebiotic and probiotic properties as well as being utterly delicious and thirst quenching! Some of our regulars enjoy a small cup of this every day for its wellness properties, but sometimes the biggest challenge is stopping before the whole bottle is gone!

Available in 200ml or 750ml glass bottles – which you can return to us in store for a 25c refund.

INGREDIENTS: filtered water, apple cider vinegar, monk fruit, inulin (probiotic fibre), essential oils (lime or orange)

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200ml, 750ml


Lime, Orange


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