6 Pack of Soups


6 assorted 500ml tubs of Soup.

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Our soups are a very popular part of our range – all natural, made from scratch and flavoured with only fresh herbs, celtic sea salt and combinations of vegetables, pulses and some meat options, they are delicious on their own or may also be used as a meal base – just add meat / tofu / beans / your preferred protein and serve with rice / noodles / veggies etc for a super quick & healthy meal for 2 or more people. They also work well as an extender for our meals – ie add a tub of the broccoli & zucchini or pumpkin soup to our bolognaise sauce if you are feeding an extra person or two!

This 6 pack includes a selection of our current range of soups – all are supplied frozen. See individual soup listings for specific ingredients.

If you prefer to have all vegan meals, or no meat, etc – simply state your preferences in the comments field at checkout. It may mean some doubling up of soup flavours, but we can work around just about any dietary requirement!




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