About Us

We believe

That organic food is nature’s best defence. Invest in your health by eating clean.

It’s all about trust

Our team has been dishing up clean eats for the Melbourne cafe scene for years, with rave reviews from our customers, health practitioners & lifestyle blogs… but now it’s time to focus on what we do best: home-style, wholesome food for the days when you really don’t have the time to make your own.’

Meet the team

We are a small but growing team, united by our passion for whole, clean foods & optimal wellbeing. We cater for low carb, vegan, gluten free & everything in between. But most of all, our focus is great quality food, cooked from scratch the way you would cook it at home for yourself.

Kristen Morrison

Kristen Morrison is our Co-Founder, whose vision it was to create an upmarket, delicious & beautiful range of foods for people who follow a natural, holistic & special diet lifestyle. Having founded Street Organics in 2011, Kristen brings a wealth of knowledge & experience in preparing foods for those who avoid various food groups – for ethical or health reasons.

Kristen was inspired to move from the fashion industry to organic food following the health successes her son experienced through natural therapies & low-tox living, Kristen’s book – Naturally Better – tells of her son’s wellness journey and has sold in 30 countries.

Read more about Kristen’s story on her blog.